Meet The Steve Jobs Of The Thunder Vpn Industry

Speed: Is Thunder Vpn Lightning-Fast?

It was quite impressive to see the connection time. You can easily connect to one of 9 servers in 2-3 seconds. That is pretty impressive.

Our speed tests for the free VPN version weren't very impressive. These were our baseline speeds before we launched Thunder VPN.

Download Speed: 46 Mbit/s

Upload speed: 43 Mbps

Ping: 3ms

Thunder VPN speeds test:

To see if there was a break in the almost identically low speeds, we then connected to the majority of Thunder VPN servers. Here's what we found.

Does Thunder Vpn Support My Device?

Thunder VPN is only available for Android. Installation and usage of the app are simple.

Thunder Vpn App For Android

After you launch the Android app for the first time, you have to accept the Terms of Service. Then, you Thunder Vpn need to okay the Connection request. Tap OK.

This request reveals that Thunder VPN will "monitor network traffic," which is not what we read in the policy. To continue, you must tap OK.

Now you are at the Home screen. Simply tap on Connect to connect with the fastest server at your address.

If, however, you want to choose any of the 9 server locations, tap the Thunder icon in the upper right corner. The Thunder icon in the upper right corner allows you to pick between Free and Fast servers. These are actually different terms for subscriptions.

While we do like the concept of only needing one tap to alter your current location, No need for disconnecting separately. However, you may not get the exact IP from all nine locations. Our IP leak test indicated that the Netherlands server had an IP.

Similar results were obtained for Japan servers, which result in Beijing, China IPs instead. Given China's reputation for privacy violations, this is potentially problematic.

The app is free but there will be annoying third-party advertisements after connecting and disconnecting.

Does Thunder Vpn Support Torrenting?

Thunder VPN can be used with Bit. Thunder VPN works with Bit. However, such privacy would make you look like a fool. The VPN service stores all of your information, including your location and personal data. This is the problem with logging... you can do the math. Better to look for alternatives if you do not want to be subjected to DMCA violations and possible fines.

Pricing: Is Thunder Vpn Worth It?

The basic app is "free forever," however, there are pricing plans that give you access to their premium servers.

This means that you're able to choose "Free" and three different pricing plans that remove nasty third party ads.

They are asking for a huge price for an inferior product, which only has an Android version.

What Should You Do With Thunder Vpn

We conclude our review of Thunder VPN. The premium version is poor, while the free one is not worth it. It is outrageous to see the privacy and online security offered by Thunder VPN for either plan in 2020. We cannot trust this provider to protect our anonymity. It's worth thinking twice.

If you have nothing to lose and want to access geo-blocked content, by all means, try Thunder VPN. If you don't want to risk it, get a Premium VPN and the best protection.

Thundervpn Safe

Thunder VPN Review: Before you Install

Thunder VPN for Android is an app you can download free of charge. However, it has weak security. It can be hacked at any time because it does not have the latest tunneling protocol. Because there's no kill switch to protect your password from being viewed by anyone else, the data that you share with this application is unsecure. This app has been downloaded by 10 million users and received a 4.8 rating on Google Play Store with 368k reviews. Also, we think this app is one of the worst that has been tested.

VPN service that is free and not secured, with slow processing times

A unprofessional company who doesn't provide support for its app when it is in dire need of updates

Inadequate Kill switch function can expose data to hackers constantly

It is easy to trace the IP address of an anonymous user if it does not exist.

Thunder. VPN allows you to unblock Netflix and BBC i. Netflix and BBC i can be unblocked by VPN.