How To Explain Thunder Vpn Reviews To A Five-year-old

Thunder Vpn's speeds are fast enough for gaming? No

It is best to avoid using this VPN if your connection is low. The reason I did not recommend it for gaming was that the server I used lost half of its baseline speed. Thunder VPN can be used to stream HD video and Thunder Vpn For Pc gaming on a connection that is high speed. Download speeds of up 4Mbps are possible.

Server Network Can Fail You Sometimes Thunder VPN's free version has a very limited server network with servers in only 8 countries including the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Singapore, Netherlands, and the United States which is split into Eastern and Western servers.

It is an upgrade as the VIP version includes more countries, bringing it to 10. Australia, Ireland (Spain), Spain, Italy and Finland are all new additions. This coverage is hugely important as they were previously criticized for being too Eurocentric.

Thunder VPN offers a free service with servers in eight countries. As a general rule, it is better to be near servers that are offered by VPN providers, as long as there isn't too many people using the space. Thunder is a free VPN with a high number of registered users and few servers, so you should expect their server networks to be slow at times.

It's done an excellent job by including a signal monitor that displays the strength of all countries' servers and then automatically connects users to the server with the highest optimization server, based upon their location. Sometimes, you will see none of the servers has a green signal, thus indicating that the server network is occasionally weak.

The ping rate and download speed of city-optimized servers are not available to assist you in choosing the best intercity server. They have not made any efforts to develop area-based servers in the US. There are servers for East, West and South.

It is also possible to quickly switch between VPN servers. This feature, like most VPNs, is a great one. It takes only 2-3 seconds to change servers which I find to be impressive.

Thunder Vpn Works in China No

Thunder VPN has no use of obfuscated VPN servers. This can help bypass China's tight censorship. VPNs are not detected by networks if they use obstrucated servers. They can be found in VPNs which use Open. VPN protocol.

With the SSL protocol, I highly doubt if you can use Thunder VPN in China even if you connect to their Hong Kong servers. The Great China Firewall had their website URL blocked. There is no help available from them so I'll just stick with the information I have.

Thunder Vpn - Unblock Netflix

No. Thunder VPN will not allow you to access US-exclusive content.

Take a look at the streaming videos on Netflix and another site.

Can Thunder Vpn slow my speeds down?

You may experience a half-inch drop in speed. Because there are fewer servers than the paid version, the free version may be slower.

Thunder Vpn Test Report

Thunder VPN is an Android application service. However, it will have slow speeds and may leave security and privacy holes because of its logging policies. Outdated tunneling protocol, no kill switch function, data encryption is unsecure, does not unblock any of Streaming service. It is free service but it might cost your privacy!

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Thunder VPN has 5+ million Google Play store downloads. What is the secret to Thunder VPN's popularity?

In this Thunder VPN review, I will take an in-depth look at this service and try to answer some critical questions. Secure encryption is it available? Will it unblock Netflix or allow torrenting? It should be able to access your private information.

Let's take a look at what this tool is capable of doing.

Thunder Vpn stores logs?

Thunder VPN has one of the shortest legal documents we've ever read. Both the Privacy Policy and Usage Policy can be found in one Terms of Service. You may believe you're protected if you go through the Privacy Policy section.

"We are committed t your privacy. We don't collect traffic data, browsing activity, or other information from individuals connecting to our VPN," says the company. But, it is important to not be satisfied by what they say, which is "no logging" claims. Continue reading to find out more.

Registering on the website will require you to give certain information. This includes your billing information as well as payment details. The legal document then informs that you "can access and update your personal details by logging onto the Site". This means there is no way to log into any other website or webpage.

However, this is just the beginning. The situation gets much worse. The following list contains sensitive information that may be collected when using the app

IP address

Internet Service Provider

OS version